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SFO Terminal 2 opened today!

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Terminal 2 Ticketing (Love the light fixtures!)

Terminal 2* in San Francisco International Airport opened today for flights. Formerly the terminal for international flights, it closed in 2000 when the new international terminal opened. It’s expected to be one of the greenest terminals in the nation and houses domestic American Airlines and Virgin America flights. It’s also estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1667 tons each year.

From Michael McCarron, Director Community Affairs at SFO:

Moreover, the design of the renovated terminal is a departure from the traditionally designed airport terminal in that it is customized for today’s modern traveler. Design features include club-like seating in the waiting areas, a food marketplace offering locally grown and produced food, hydration stations for filling water bottles, major works of public art, and a retail street with restaurants, stores, a wine bar and spa.

Terminal 2’s Hippie Brownie Points

(Paraphrased from SFO’s site.)

  • Energy Efficiency – Energy efficient lighting and efficient machinery will reduce energy use and natural gas consumption.
  • Water Efficiency – Uses reclaimed water for toilets and other uses throughout the airport. Also the new fixtures use 40% less water.
  • Hydration Stations– You can fill up your own water bottles at hydration stations (formerly know as water fountains).
  • Indoor Air Quality– “Displacement ventilation” system that introduces fresh, filtered, cool air into the rooms near waist-level, pushing the older, warmer air to rise to the exhaust points. It, apparently, uses 25% less energy to provide fresher air.
  • Food Marketplace– The country’s first airport food marketplace that places an emphasis on mostly organic, locally grown and produced food.
  • Modern Technology– Paperless ticketing systems.
  • Old-Fashioned “Technology”– Open floor plan maximizes the ample ambient light’
  • Zero Waste–Food vendors will use biodegradable tableware and source separate all food service wastes to composting facilities.
  • Transportation– Terminal 2 will feature preferential parking for hybrid cars and a pedestrian bridge to AirTrain and BART.
  • Sustainable Building Materials— Terrazzo flooring with recycled glass chips, recycled-content carpet, wall systems, bathroom tiles, ceiling tiles, furniture and innovative and efficient use of structural steel.

*I refuse to call it T2 as SFO’s marketing crew is pushing me to do.

Photos of Terminal 2 (I didn’t have the energy to go through security to get concourse photos.) View SFO’s official photos here.

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